What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process where two or more individuals have a conversation regarding an issue. That issue could be:

  • a disagreement
  • dispute
  • conflict or a legal issue such as a divorce
  • credit card debt
  • or perhaps a landlord-tenant issue

Mediation is the only legal process in which the participants are the decision-makers not the mediator, arbitrator or judge. Once the conflict or issue has been resolved during mediation, a legal, binding agreement can be created reflecting the decisions made by the participants. Mediation is generally a voluntary process, although at times a judge will order a couple seeking a divorce, for example, to try mediation first before going through the legal system ending up with a judge deciding the couple’s fate.

Jan Williams of Grant-Williams Mediation is an experienced mediator focusing on Domestic Relations, General Civil and Community cases.

Jan works with both the court-ordered mediation as well as private mediation. Private mediation may include working with families faced with a legal issue and the parties need to come to some consensus how an issue is to be resolved. Families have also benefited from mediation when there is a breakdown in communication between spouses, partners or parents and children…especially during the trying teen-age years.

Private mediation or conflict resolution services also play an important role in the business world between employer and employee or employee and employee, moving parties forward while addressing the conflict issue.

For more information regarding mediation or our conflict resolution services

If you have a situation in your life or the life of a friend or loved one needing these services, contact Jan Williams at (616) 402-9077. She would be happy to discuss how best she could help you through your issues.

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